ROBARTinternational has designed a special motor driven rewinder with an automatic stop, to rewind 50-100 meter rolls, again, simple and easy till a maximum width of 160cm / 63″!

To rewind all daily meter-orders the same day of ordering in any length your customer wants.

1. Program the length in centimeters or inches (automatic stop)
2. Use the variable speed-control
3. And let the machine do the job

4. Slit off guide for sharp and clean cut after rewinding

Not only to rewind your colored Vinyl rolls, also to rewind your Flock, Flex, Magnetic, Reflective and Windowfilm.

3″ core to 3″ core

Still, our RG1520/2120 Rewinder delivered since 2000 still available to rewind up to 210cm width.


The easy tool to rewind just a few metres by hand! 70 (28″) and 160cm (63″) width.

The inexpensive and perfect tool for distributors of Selfadhesive Vinyl-, Magnetic- and Windowfilm-rolls etc. to rewind just a few meters length the customer wants. Heavy, very strong construction, with smooth bearings and metal rollers for continuous use


  • length-counter (centimeters or inches)
  • heavy steal frame


width 740/1640mm   29″/65″”
depth 240mm     9,5″
heigth 100mm     3,9″
weight: 11/19kgs   24/42lbs