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ROBARTinternational has developed a brand new product to make sheets from rolls of Heat Transfer Materials/Vinyl in the exact number of sheets your customer want; Safe, fast, ergonomic and precise.

Important features:

  • Quick loading of the full roll in seconds,
  • Ergonomic design, easily placed on the working table,
  • Heavy steel construction,
  • Maximum width till 50cm/19,6”,
  • Both for 2” and 3” cores,
  • Electronic display PLC with programmable amount of sheets needed and chosen lengths,
  • Automatic precise cuts,
  • Perfect for Letter/A4/A3/yardage/feet sheets,
    ca 15 pieces of A4-sheets per minute, ca 900 sheets per hour,
  • Minimum cutting length 2cm (samples).

It is a simple and inexpensive solution to deliver sheets from your existing stock of different widths of rolls of Vinyl, Flock, Flex, doing it by just one person.

  • One full year warranty,
  • CE certified,
  • Plug and play, ready for use directly,
  • AC voltage 230V / 50 Hz – 60Hz (110V for US/Canada electrical circuit), no air compressor needed.